Sony filed a patent wig intelligent SmartWig.

Sony may be looking to tear a wearable computing device. As can be seen from the patent filing wig intelligent straightforward as its name. SmartWig

as described in the patent, Sony’s external SmartWig was made of the materials may be wool, human hair or synthetic materials that have similar characteristics. I generally like a wig. But within an electronic circuit that can communicate with other computing devices wirelessly. Which may be a smart phone, smart watch, clock or glasses smart glasses

SmarWig another within the device creates vibrations, which will meet on the alert into the smart phone or other portable computing devices that connect wirelessly to SmartWig it

Sony still think I will have to go beyond that in SmartWig GPS devices and sensors, Ultra Sound. Which will run concurrently in navigation systems for users. It also has a camera to capture images and laser pointer to use the mouse to control the computer. Which in the end may have been the creation of user commands through gestures or facial expressions


The biggest problem is not technology problems SmartWig. If it’s about the wig itself, rather than the user to view on this device, however. Therefore, the development of equipment failed. It’s interesting that it will be accepted and popular broad or not

Source – Engadget , Patent information from FPO



                     Sony, Patent, Wearable Computing



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