Restaurants in Israel offers its customers a 50% discount off the mobile.





Many would enjoy photographing food. Sit and chat with friends Update facebook while eating in a restaurant. But there are some people who think that these behaviors are not appropriate

Jawdat Ibrahim Abu Ghosh restaurant owners have described it as a hand hold it a long time ago. But a few years ago, it was even worse. Because smart phones, it’s even more. He felt discouraged when I see groups of friends or couples to dine. I kept staring at the screen. Sometimes he even had to ask for a new hot food

Ibrahim’s Restaurant is offering a discount of 50% off cell phone service to customers while they dine. Which virtually all customers to use our services and together off the phone to get this discount. He acknowledged that this proposal makes him have financial problems in the short term. But in the long run, he thought it was worth a new customer comes in and he hopes that this discount. To help out with the old When it came out, dining in a restaurant talking appreciated. And to restore friendship

Ibrahim’s shop, not the first outlet to do this. Including some flat phone to do it

Source – Time , AP



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