DICE are not pleased with BF4 problems during the original release.

Battlefield 4 release date of the first day. It’s almost one month now, BF4 Honey in 5 games platforms including PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, but one thing is still going on, there is the problem of instability of the game, especially on PC. and PS4

Karl Magnus Troedsson, General Manager, DICE is very proud of the whole team at DICE and EA, but the only thing that was not overjoyed with BF4 is the problem that players found in the Multiplayer Launch (the first period to put the game away. distribution) as most will have little problems but the deadliest is the platform. Which one of DICE priority now is to solve the problem of how to stamp out

Troedsson also said the team will not solve the problem. Until the game is in the right place. And players satisfied everyone
(แhm. ..)

to apologize to the player with the DICE will reward everyone by adding a 2x EXP value in Multiplayer since the November 28 to December 5 and December 5 I play Multiplayer will get a special item for mounting telescopic sights M1911 pistol that would traditionally only available to develop games only

hope that these problems will be fixed soon Thanks: D

Source – Polygon



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