Indonesian Ambassador to Australia to the documents show that President Snowden was intercepted.

new document of Edward Snowden at The Guardian put out releases. Create upheaval for the region than previously thought. When a document is a set back, but the NSA is an agency of the Ministry of Defence named the Australian Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) to show attempted wiretapping of Indonesian President and his peers as the month of August 2009

agency DSD motto is “revealed his secret. And keep our secrets “(Reveal their secrets – Protect our own)

this document shows the use of 3G services in the region. For the Indonesian President. Shows that the phone is in use throughout the month of August 2009 a few times and call anyone. It also shows that one can eavesdrop on calls from landlines in Thailand Into the phone with the president of Indonesia


Tony Abbott Australian Prime Minister was in the House to live this quiz. And he said all states are purely for information. And he had no idea to change this approach. By stating that Australia used to support intelligence partners. Does not do any harm

but harsh reprisals Australia Indonesia showed immediately. Indonesian Foreign Minister cut ties with Australia By calling the ambassador back to the country. Cooperation between the two nations and will consider all new. Not limited intelligence cooperation

Australia and Indonesia are negotiating trade. Through the region. And international negotiations. Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA)

of Indonesia stated that it will pursue the matter and consider further measures

Source – The Guardian (Indonesia reduced. relations) , The Guardian (documentation of Snowden). , The Guardian (summary of events to date)



                     Australia, Indonesia, NSA, Snowden



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