I challenge tapping LG G Flex wound had healed.




Marques Brownlee, who use YouTube hits one of the features that LG claims that the LG G Flex machines has been a special coating that can repair itself when scratched. Compressed video and upload to YouTube


in such tests have a key to scratch on the back cover of G Flex and using a knife to cut the back cover of the machine directly. From the tests, it was found that the material coating the G Flex does not delete or remove the material from scratch. But the tracks that are hard to see with the naked eye. Unlike the blemish on the surface of the smart phones in general may appear as a pronounced

Brownlee believes that the test results did not like the test results of the LG is because the temperature in the active and a real test of his cool in a test of LG which will result in the property. the coating material in the two conditions are different

can watch the clip to repair the surface of the LG G Flex to the news

Source – The Verge



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