Footage of Battlefield 4: Second Assault on the Xbox One old story a new leader.

EA was showcasing Battlefield 4: Second Assault in the UBS Global Technology Conference and are open to playing with the audience. This work of YouTube celebrities came not to compress the video footage to share with you

Second Assault DLC is a popular implementation of the previous map is Operation Metro or a new Gulf of Oman. And the feature “Levolution” in this latest example to the blockade of the Gulf of Oman are a storm blows through a desert. Makes it even harder to see the enemy for a time, etc.

Battlefield 4: Second Assault will be released on November 22, 2013 exclusively on Xbox One only available for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS4 to be followed later


watch the news at all. By compressing all of my Xbox One pure

Source – MP1st . , . VG247

Operation Metro of LevelCapGaming

Operation Metro of Funny Battlefield 4!

Caspian Border of jackfrags (see the towers collapsed at that!!!)

Gulf of Oman of jackfrags

Operation Firestorm of Game Riot



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