Review LG G2: one nominee the number one smart phone.

in the smartphone market is fiercely competitive. Description Open Daily from the edge of the market, it’s hard to come back in the market and LG is also the one that can stand in the market again after the success in the world market with Optimus G version so many I watched that LG will continue the momentum of continued success to the next generation or not

before launching a new smartphone LG has recently raised the army’s top smartphone Optimus G Series G to become dormant and the LG G2 smart phone, the new flagship model of the first significant change to the design and use of materials, while also featured. added several

specification of LG G2 despite the relatively recently released high-end market for the final year. But do not lose the version released later key is to use a screen size 5.2 “1080p, Intel quad-core Snapdragon 800 and rear camera resolution 13 mega pixel camera that has a vibration in the (OIS)

the machine is different from G2 Optimus G very well, if not a generation that believed it would not. Shake off the edge into a rounded whole machine. Materials from glass to plastic. Highlights from the front is True HD-IPS LCD screen size 5.2 “color display with an OLED spicy as compared to its competitors that use IPS LCD screen is the same, then it’s over, all you have

of standard equipment that comes with the box and charging adapter cable in-ear headphones, micro USB connector and SIM card that is based on the G series

front of it G2 air compared to previous versions. Is the fact. The air is very thin and the edges are observed. Front area is almost all display

front edge of the machine, if it is observed that the glass is rounded with edges. Time to catch up on the screen, it will feel smooth

called G2 chassis is made very simple because of the rocker buttons to the back. The side has a micro SIM tray only

the top of the machine is almost nothing as well. To see that the two points. The left side is the microphone. The right side is for the remote IR Blaster not

below the position of the device to plug all ports are stereo speakers G2. I try to use as an alarm clock for days. Noise level in the wake of it. The sound quality is not that bad, not bad

the back of G2 is home to all buttons. The volume keys. The power button is located below the camera. Reasons to move to the back of the G2, I guess that seems to come from the edge of the screen to the minimum possible. Must be carried on the back with a button

cover change from glass to plastic. In terms of luxury decline somewhat. But to make it fair. I find it not as simple as it marks

actual use of the back button when I first used it. Until the next night, I was not used (ha), although the buttons are placed in a position to meet fit any finger. Fortunately, there are some advantages that you can use the volume keys as shutter button too. It also works better than expected. Taken with the front camera. And rear camera

This is not about

use. But behind this push button to capture the screen like it!

holding the G2 is made very well. The machine is made retrospectively on. Fit your hand well. The thinner side, making the machine smaller. Despite the relatively large screen. I handed in all the features I have fluently: D


G2 using the operating system Android 4.2 version of the review was to look at the model of LG, which has changed from the previous version is quite good (again) like in terms of aesthetics, it will change the color of the notification and button bar below to become transparent on

on notification scroll down to see the chaos of this new user interface is the toggle on the top bar, the lower part of the small apses (QSlide) inferior to another bar for Sound and light on the end into the setup page. I like to push the button to adjust the audio page. Close to each other and push the stock ROM before it hit the well bore

features like featured in the LG Apps QSlide small can float anywhere on the page. Can adjust the transparency. And expand into larger applications as well

a feature I do not use much. Because it is limited by the screen size is not big enough. Ideas that work really good. It is a phone. This is actually the first page I was. Overall, the app is in QSlide to overlap with the main application. Easily accessible is it

of G2 features the very back is a little faster. Tapping the screen twice to open the screen – this screen. This reduces the limitations of moving back to button it. Including the Open button below the screen to customize to some degree, though not independent, but still better than nothing to me. Especially those who have left to me

other applications. Shore of interesting software, it is part of the remote. Made out to use it. Set up was easy. Range of approximately 2-4 meters are good

as they try to find a TV, air conditioning, completely better. The rest did not try it

I have two remote

of this model. Keyboards can come up with: D

and other implementation issues. And stability of the software LG is doing relatively well. I reboot itself in a way. I do not often feel that there is a problem (probably 1-2 times a day and a half months) has many applications. I rarely go to a system that does not yet include QSlide incentive to actually use it

camera quality

G2 comes with a 13 mega pixel resolution camera with built-in vibration. The overall good. There are some slow shutter tempo somewhat. Despite the focus point auto focus to 9 points, but it also has some real heavyweights enough focus in low light. But if enough light to focus very much

G2 chasing light photo quality, smooth out fine. Some tones are not fresh enough. The images are warm. Map out a green I do not see each other. All pictures taken in low light. Click here for full size

use. And battery

G2 is a machine specification. And a very real one on the market right now. Easy to hold and not too heavy. I have already mentioned advantages. See notable disadvantages. I have a GPS that is distorted in some apps (I’m in Ingress) but some apps to work like regular Google Maps

The second is the G2

hot hot very fast, though not heavy use it I open the game Plants vs. Zombies 2 for about ten minutes, it is very hot, and


G2 camera made out very well. The refinement needed to be placed deep into the menu system to focus on one speed, slow. Fortunately, that can be taken easily by the back button to return to the points

battery … the number and G2 3000 mAh battery capacity, but some actually find it to be very resistant. Turn off 3G and use a few hours a day. Available through two comfortable if it is still in heavy use through the day anyway. This is very impressive. G2 is a selling point latency of

vs. Nexus 5

I wrote in the Nexus 5 start selling it to the person asking it. It’s just different. Good buy. Traditionally, the G2 camera view larger than screen resolution than Greater capacity. Battery capacity over And 3,000 more expensive than the same advantages and disadvantages as compared to it

  • assembly – Nexus 5 is better in terms of strength. And materials used. I feel a lot better
  • cameras – G2 winner lack of it in terms of quality. And speed
  • Battery – G2 would be better. (I have not tried the Nexus 5 long)
  • applications – G2 software made available over However, if people have already experienced with Android Nexus 5 is adjustable over a range


LG G2 is a smartphone made good. The camera quality is much improved. But also in the one to take the photos taken with a lot of the material does not look cheap to a pig. And the need to try to capture the heat that has been for me


  • force equation specification
  • I

  • screen
  • The screen is not big

  • Some Easy
  • battery very resistant


  • thermal sensitivity
  • some rhythm. The autofocus of the camera does have jaundice
  • No point of sale software

  • LG outstanding. Options



                     LG G2, Review, LG



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