PS4 IHS iSuppli estimates the cost at 381 dollars, almost as much as the actual selling price.

tradition of the sheep to find the cost of production for a long time. And had reached the rank of PS4 games console from Sony has recently made possible landslide sales to 1 million units in the first day. That sales will make the red more. Or will it be profitable anyway

by figures from the Old iHS iSuppli estimated the total price of the PS4 comes out a little cheaper than the actual selling price of 381 dollars, the most expensive part of the AMD APU chips went to $ 100 a secondary memory. GDDR5 memory sixteenth seed, 88 coins

PS4 interesting little piece of a HDD from Seagate, sound chip from Wolfson Micro

assessed a price lower than the actual selling price of only 10 to 20 coin only. I would guess that Sony will not be profitable. (Or even losses) on sales of PS4 at first, but compared to a sale at a price of $ 599 from the PS3 cost more than 800 dollars, it was a good change that

Source – Ars Technica



                     IHS iSuppli, PS4



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