Pencil Stylus pencil from his team developed in Paper.





Paper applications developers

FiftyThree drawing easy. The user interface is like a skating rink, has launched its first hardware company. There is a stylus for use with the Apple In Pencil

Pencil stylus that looks like a pencil is a little larger than a pencil connected to iPad via Bluetooth LE is easy with the Pencil stabbing the screen is ok

Pencil features of the three main parts. The first is when the stylus is used. Be able to put your palm on the screen while drawing without disturbing the image. The second feature is the ability to use the stylus instead of the eraser. Culminating smudged with finger When connected to a stylus with the iPad


development team claims that can last up to one month on a single charge. This can be done through any USB port only 90 minutes, it is fully charged. Stylus is made of 14k gold guaranteed accurate. Fast and it


buyer unless the stylus. Also set pen. The color combinations are usually sold separately in applications to connect to the Internet while on the other by the Pencil Pencil Open to 49.95 dollars for a basic model aluminum polished graphite. Model is walnut wood, the more expensive it is just 59.95 USD

Source – FiftyThree



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