It’s new Android Camera API support reveals shooting RAW.

the quality of the camera on a smart phone that nowadays more and more fierce. Not long ago, Nokia recently announced support RAW for the Lumia smartphone models to the data from Google, which tends to support the RAW. already

story is that Mr. Josh Brown to find clues that Google was. develop new Camera API, which started from December 2012 and are not ready for the recently launched Android KitKat. It was removed before it is actually launched KitKat alone

for the new Camera API is called. “” (the original by a new function to be added to the following:

* RAW support built-in (may be in tune with Snapseed by)
* Support for face detection (Face detection)
* Mode resonance imaging (Burst mode)
* Supports a piece to camera. (Presumably referring to the device. QX10, QX100)
* Improves overall quality. And the grain of the image

the new Camera API will not work with earlier versions of hardware may not be compatible with the new function will be released when I have to wait, Google announced offline again

Source – . Ars Technica



                     Android, Camera, Google



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