Graphics card for the next generation 12GB RAM both camps.

at SC13 this year, the hero of the work is transferred to the graphics chip manufacturer. That has gained popularity in a very new supercomputer three days earlier. AMD launches FirePro S10000 Model 12GB RAM NVIDIA today I was out of the Tesla K40 K20 upgraded version of the same RAM 12GB

the graphics chip to work, financial modeling, physics, or chemistry is different from the general graphics processor. Although parallel processing task is similar to the past, we can use the graphics chip to accelerate. However, these models usually have a very large data set, the graphics memory is limited, making the need to move data in and out frequently. Very bad performance

The Tesla K40

improve the other parts of a few Tesla K20X core remains intact and Kepler CUDA cores is increased from 2,688 to 2,880 cores, cores in the previous version. The only thing increasing is to double the RAM K20X now costs about $ 3,900

AMD FirePro S10000

side, then the other part is not updated yet. In addition to adding RAM is only 12GB version price 6GB RAM, now about 3,100 dollars, the 12GB version will be available early next year

new two versions are not price

Source – AMD , . NVIDIA



                     AMD, GPGPU, High Performance Computing, NVIDIA



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