Google to open retail market. Began shipping in San Francisco.

Google Google Shopping Express began service on the high end. By the Probation Service in the San Francisco area only

this service, Google does not sell itself. But to do business with stores already. During the launch of this first store, such as Costco, Target, Nob Hill Foods During this launch, Google will provide a same day delivery service to order a six-month free

to act as an online storefront for retail stores to open non-exotic models. Amazon also offers this despite the product sells itself. It is open to the external store. Of Thailand, we would see service already, but when Google took itself is interesting that Google will have something good to the market was not as serious or services delivered. home the same day. If Google can provide free continuing indefinitely. It can be considered an advantage

Source – Google Commerce



                     Google, e-commerce, USA



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