Gamespot shows how to change the hard drive of the PlayStation 4, speed up to 10 times the SSD device.

the Sony Support Documents that describe how to replace the hard drive yourself thoroughly including iFixit. That tells the user that the disk itself was simple this is the wonder that a word is Sony’s how it is this Gamespot, so I volunteered to make clips teaching a replacement hard drive carefully to see

Steps to Change Harddisk is not just a simple push on the front cover. We can see the hard drive tray. Now, tighten the nut to a large XO square and triangle symbols are carved out on Crow, then we can pull out the hard drive tray. Now, the other side has 4 bolts to tighten it out and replace the hard drive as normal procedure. Back then the original

After replacing the hard drive

finished. It allows users to download and install the new Orbis OS PlayStation webpage by step installation is as close a file to a flash drive formatted as FAT by the file in the folder / PS4/Update / it. take it to connect with the PS4, then press the Power button for 7 seconds to enter Safe Mode and perform Orbis OS installed on it

Gamespot also try changing the HDD from the SSD by the comments after the installation is complete, if the SSD Resogun The machine will run faster 10 times by the time after the start of the game at the Dashboard. I do it

hard but conditions change. Must not forget that the hard drive or SSD to be used with the PlayStation 4 will be a 2.5 “or size installed in the notebook. Have a thickness of 9.5 mm and a maximum disk capacity up to 160 GB and the replacement drive. Not affect the security of the machine with it

Source – Gamestop .



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