Asrock motherboard family out for Pro BTC Bitcoin mining in particular.

Bitcoin prices

not stop gushing over the past month. (Price this afternoon up to 618.94 dollars per BTC) makes it worthwhile to start digging again. Now that Asrock motherboard manufacturer to release motherboards with Bitcoin for digging out the family name Pro BTC

motherboard has two versions in this family include H61 Pro BTC and H81 Pro BTC supports different CPUs. That using socket LGA1155 for Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge or LGA1150 chips Haswell common is that both versions will support PCIe to 6 slot to put the card at the same six cards on the board has port power further. two ports. To ensure that there is enough power to pay cards and 6 cards


PCIe slot that is 5 PCIe x1 ports, but in the process would be calculated for Bitcoin mining is not much communication. Even so, the communication channel is a bit small but not a problem

for anyone wishing to invest must warn that even if Bitcoin price will jump quickly. Competition in Bitcoin mining is much higher as well. If you can not be a hardware purchase. Or in the county where the energy is already competitive. Continue to compete hard

Source – Asrock: H81 Pro BTC , Asrock: H61 Pro BTC , Engadget



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