wxWidgets 3.0 release.

Design Kit software is a wxWidgets GUI porcelain version 3.0 release 2.0 release after more than ten years (from 1999) and a few years after the release of the final version 2.8

project wxWidgets C + + support is still the same as before. Other languages. Projects have to wait around. Updated in tandem once again. WxWidgets is distinctive for various platforms. Well not quite naturally. I came out of the software to fit its surroundings. By the three main platforms, Windows, Linux (GTK2 and the GTK3), and OS X (via Cocoa)

Key features added include

  • support unicode wchar_t in the C language at all
  • compatible with web visibility. wxWebView
  • process debugger

change all the code that makes a total of 320,000 lines of code and wxWidgets has over a million lines. A lot of code to add a section of the document, with Tesco, and sample code

Source – wxBlog , wx-announce



                     Open Source, GUI, Programming



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