Statistics show Samsung’s market share up 63% of all Android.

advertising on mobile applications and mobile statistics reveal Localytics line that runs Android apps on the network itself. (Which seems to reflect the actual usage was reasonably) concluded that Samsung Android market reached 63%, or about 2/3 of the market

the other secondary. Samsung dropped down to being far away and HTC (6.5%), LG (5.9%), Sony (5.6%), Motorola (5%) and the remaining combined 13.5%

if only the seventh version of the popular smartphone is the first Samsung mobile all By the most popular is the S III (15.1%) followed by S4 (7.4%), S II (5.2%), Note II (4.8%) of the mobile rivals that of the best HTC One is 7 too. share of 1.3%

for tablets. The first is the Samsung. The most popular version of Tab 2 7 “followed by the Tab 2 10.1” Nexus 7 is the third, and the fourth is the Kindle Fire HD 7 “

Source – Localytics



                     Samsung, Market Share, Android



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