Panono camera panorama easily by throwing a descent.





Panono is an innovative work for shooting panoramas are financed through Indiegogo to create an actual product release, which is designed to use the Panono easy. Just throw it up into the air. Can immediately surrounding landscape photography

Panono is a device shaped like a sphere with a diameter of 11 cm and a weight of only 300 grams, the material is made of plastic. Indeed, it consists of a total of 36 cameras to shoot simultaneously. The software takes a picture to be linked to panorama 72 megapixel camera, which not only has a view of both sides – left, right. And front – back then. But also keep the top and bottom of it. Called the image is similar to Google Street View image of itself


inside the acceleration sensor. When a user is thrown into the air Panono Panono will recognize the acceleration while moving upwards. And can calculate the time it moves to the top to make the camera’s 36 shooting for a split second at a time. If you do not want to throw. Users can hold with one hand and press the capture Panono directly. Or use a tripod with it as well

for the image was done using the app built specifically. Which can be used both devices iOS and Android , but limited version of the operating system from Android 4.0 onwards iOS6 and the user can view the images in a portable device with apps. such that the variation in the direction to turn the mobile devices such as tablets, flat screen facing up. We will see in the corner, looking down below. If you hold the tablet vertically and facing north. We will see in the north as well, etc.


Panono were produced on actual sales are $ 549 dollars per piece, but who co-sponsored the project will be the first book Panono price of $ 499 per piece, which targets funding of the project is $ 900,000 and the amount of time. remaining 54 days

can watch videos explaining Panono or click image to see panoramic images taken with the fact that the news Panono

Source – The Verge



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