Open Google Translate for Android app found in the market like any other country.

Google shows it from the Google I / O 2013 in May. Time and a half years ago that many people forget to do is open Google App Translation Service for Android developers who want to market it worldwide

This service is not system

automatic translation Google Translate, but Google will be the intermediary in the supply of professional translators to translate text in any of our languages. As we want. (At a cost of $ 75-150 per language) is that we need to process the applications we provide and by . documents. localization at Google stated. Separate text file strings.xml kept on file and then send the APK Google Play Developer Console and translation services are available for immediate purchase

GI testing service that developers can release games simultaneously in 20 languages ​​will open many new markets to its customer base by more than 80% of the country who do not use English, etc.

Source – Android Developers Blog



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