Microsoft SkyDrive show on Xbox One.

Microsoft to show off the features of the Xbox One continuous (launched Nov 22) Last SkyDrive is a queue on the Xbox One, which features the following:

  • Microsoft account login and use immediately. Retrieved from the cloud automatically
  • supports voice and gesture commands Joy (gesture), as well as other apps on the Xbox One, supports snap onto the screen with other applications
  • type of image and video content focused primarily. The portion of the image if the file is large, it will show dozens of MB using loads fast because the thumbnail images to load before I zoom into gradual
  • to convert data in SkyDrive both of us and others to share. The App Channel whose status is the same as the regular TV channels. (Press, then it will display slideshow of images and so on), easily accessible from the front of the TV Guide Xbox One

Source – Inside SkyDrive



                     SkyDrive, Microsoft, Xbox One



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