AMD reveals details of next generation APU code-named Kaveri.

AMD Developer Summit 2013 in

or short APU13 AMD has revealed more details about the code name Kaveri APU which version for PC desktops, laptops will be available from January 14, 2557 (Years. pages), etc.

Kaveri APU is a new version that includes the main x86 processor cores, codenamed Steamroller, which probably has the most number 4 cores (divided into two modules) and graphics processing cores in Graphic Core Next architecture, which may or GCN. It has the most number 8 Computer Unit (CU), which can be quite comparable to the Radeon 7750. By the ability of the overall processor can calculate the decimal up to 856 GFLOPS (billion instructions per second), do it (tested with AMD A10-7850K chip clock frequency of 3.7GHz cores and graphics core frequency of 720MHz)

Kaveri APU is the first feature that comes with the HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) by the main processor and the graphics processor can reference the same memory location. (This feature is called hUMA – Heterogeneous Unified Memory Architecture) eliminates the need to sort out the data – in between the main processor and the graphics processor anymore

In addition, the Kaveri

​​GPU will feature the same Radeon R-series that was launched earlier. this It supports a TrueAudio and Mantle as well

AMD will announce the list of sub-models of the Kaveri to me later

Source: AnandTech



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