The Humble Store launched a Web site selling cheap games daily.

Humble Bundle

We know as well as games and web harness sold by the dozen with pay. And can choose whether to pay the developers and / or charity as I can do, but we will choose. Formerly, it will be both more convenient (Humble Bundle) and weekly (Humble Bundle Weekly) by selling most of the game, the game is a Steam key or key Origin

then if he wanted to have a Store on my own?

course yesterday Humble Bundle has launched a new web page The Humble Store is a site for selling the game. Daily Rates. Each day, the game will be sold in a unique page. (Or a page, but not repeat), similar to Steam during the sale

but Humble

name is common as others do …

Unlike Steam or Origin amount that is 10% of the games we paid. To break it to charity organizations, including American Red Cross, Child’s Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity: water, and the World Land Trust


for sale. Sales continued to be the key for us to fill in the game or the Platform, such as Steam, Origin like it

Source – Polygon via. The Humble Store



                     Humble Bundle, Humble Store



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