Review World of Tanks – Xbox Edition.




World of Tanks heard many people since the launch of the first year. This latest version of Xbox, which I have a form and how to play almost all the same

game World of Tanks is a game Action MMO, Third-person shooter, players will be wearing a tank driver in various ways. To join the war opponents. Compared to other games. Familiar, it is about Counter-Strike. Used instead of the tank itself

players each team can customize your own tank from the top of the tank, the strength of the gun used to attack opponents, or even small details such as a logo and a camouflage pattern for use in with the terrain

after loading the game installed on the Xbox first. The game will download all the game content again. It took long enough. After loading is completed, the player will have to set the screen size itself. And deal with the complexity of the game, the player should be set to auto-complete the game will come with a Garage


This page will detail the basis for the play. In the example below, this section. The players will see all the tanks. Choose which categories tank types, including tanks, small, medium, large trucks, and anti-tank guns in the beginning. We will have a small tank before the second slot cars and tank cars at the fifth slot if you want to add. Or slots. I bought it on the right displays the properties of a selected tank

(This picture has purchased vehicles have added one slot left only 4 channels)


First we went to test drive

in Training mode will take about 20 minutes to train a tank driver. Aim and shoot enemy vehicles. Including snipers and sniper. The controls in the game with the Xbox controller hard enough. The turn-out and a rather slow. (Realistically like a tank) and went on the road simple And on the Salzburg Pokhara also affect the speed of the vehicle as well. Make the driver training. I took the building next door. Source and smooth it out

addition to the gun on the car along. To shoot the enemy. Where each shot had to wait so long, and reload the gun, it takes time to spin. It would have helped a bit Auto-Aiming However, the view of the independent force. (That is, we can look to the car. While the statement is not forward) to make the time to drive it around like that. We are moving towards it. Combined with the unfamiliar appearance of the tank. That’s exactly how it forward or backward. (Enough to rotate the turret. Hardly a page – after Do not do it)

after playing in this mode completed Enough to be familiar with a little force. Although it is still numb. Is it

for gaming is a Random Battle which was fought. They will be randomly assigned to a team of 15 people to go into battle against another team

Front line for match game

the game in this mode. It is the base. (Or is it the final tonight) with information on the game’s website states that there is a minor mode 3
1. Standard , the two sides will have a base of their own goal is to seize the opposite to be within a 15 minute time-out is always regarded
2. A share offensive / get to take the offensive to the defensive within 10 minutes, otherwise it will mean that defense wins
3. A scramble base is the base of the dam where it is not a base. Both parties will have to scramble to the base, if it takes 15 minutes to be treated no faction won
** as try. Being randomly assigned to play the first two series and did not play again for the rest, including the option to define how we want to play, I can not find. But my message to the site of the game, stating that there were 2

Wait on map Identified as a standard game

During game play. If we break down the tank will be in the free camera mode, so we have to look at your team’s tank shot

At the end of each game. We will have the EXP and money as compensation to the next game

The communication in the game. If the headset is. Radial Menu is somewhat limited, which has only six full text

upgrades and purchases

upgrades will require money. Divided into Silver and Gold Silver is what is the difference between the proceeds from the game, the Gold is the money from the exchange of real money (at the time of this test. The exchange rate is not as much) with the purchase of each of the prior research by Silver, be sure to use the EXP for research. When research is done, such things to be bought used. Gold is used to purchase products can be purchased at all

upgrade and purchase the game will be split into several. Divided into
Buy package is a package modules for tanks in the package are engine, gun, gun emplacements (the rotation), and we have to tread a package for tanks. we have. In order to be able to buy a tank next generation

buy. (Equipment) Each car is equipped with a third car, which purchased equipment such as lens coating, to increase vision binoculars, camouflage netting. Reduce the ability to detect the enemy, etc.

supplies , including their ammunition, first aid kit, etc. oil and chocolate products in this category. Some items can be purchased at the Gold and Silver (called rich if I did not play well. I have to buy it)

beauty There are 3 kinds of camouflage is (by environment, winter, summer, desert), text and logo engraved on the purchase of the rental is 3 7. or 30 days of purchase and purchase permanent Silver Gold

military Now that there is Coming Soon

buy new cars When we upgraded our old tank by “Tech Tree” successfully. We can buy a new car, too. Each car in the game. It features vary. Includes a brief history. We have read with


images in Full HD 1080p playback from where you can tank quite good detail. But other components. Still very much like a tree sheets. Can drive through it. (There will be a tree pierced the tank), the scene of the explosion is just the smoke was gone, and there was something floating debris out. (But fallen trees. This view is okay)

the sound in the game is quite nothing. But the sound of machine guns and the tanks broke things open mic inserted by the children and the occasional curse


option in the game, it will have to take the Controls tab of the controller. Sensitivity to turn and turn. Preset button and select the fourth series


tab to choose on / off vibration. And aim to help

Video tab, adjust gamma, a blind load and set Safe Zone (for use with a screen which makes images ultra Overscan)

Audio tab to adjust the volume in the game and in-game voice chat


for people who like to play games, the team shot well as Counter-Strike or Team Fortress, but I was aiming for the head and the speed to run the game … I will not shoot anybody. I finished the game, then this game is an interesting choice. Besides the novelty that we can drive a tank then. Also a challenge in terms of control. Upgrade to a car. For people who like tanks. I will play this game and enjoy it. Although the Xbox version will be inferior to the PC version, but it is expected that the development will gradually update things. More coming soon

Video when I play Training Mode



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