Making Google Apps Google Text-to-Speech. Load it directly from Google Play.




Google’s Android system to make reading apps Google Text-to-Speech to download it directly from the Google Play

reading system, known generally as TTS (Text To Speech) voice synthesis is to read the text that is selected or defined by users, which Google has been trying to develop such a system to be able to use. with the operating system Android, but Android device manufacturers choose to cut back several camps this system to the actual release of the product

this reason, Google is considering making application for this system reads separately and allow users to download applications directly from the Google Play

now the reading continues to work with limited English, French, German, Italian, Korean and Spanish only

the sound synthesis that uses Google’s new Apps. Is the same as used in feature Read Aloud of Google Play Books, Google Translate for pronunciation features including voting system for the visually impaired that uses the Android device itself

Source – The Verge.



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