The court may punish Samsung. I reveal the secrets of Apple documents to unauthorized persons.

during the trial between Apple and Samsung. Apple will need to provide confidential information relating to a patent sharing agreement between Apple and Nokia, Ericsson, Sharp and Philips to assist in the trial court. Back to Samsung confidential information in this website. For the benefit of the company itself. By Samsung now employs over 90 people and lawyers are not allowed to see more than 130 people already know this secret

Samsung has admitted to the Court that out. What made this mistake. And Samsung does not intend to reveal confidential information, these And its most sincere condolences to the subject

Nokia itself has released

sided presentation by Apple chief patent Paul Melin, Nokia has come out saying that Samsung confidential information out of these. To give yourself an advantage in the negotiations between Nokia and Samsung to share patents

judge in the case. Apple came out with the Samsung. Whether the proposed punishment Samsung however. Samsung and was told to prepare to defend themselves

Source – The Verge.



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