I played the Xbox One day prior to the actual sale of my flat!

Andre Weingarten, who referred to themselves as the true followers Xbox Xbox One pre-order through Target stores, but he has a Xbox One, nearly two weeks before the actual release, which requires that Microsoft. date was Nov. 22

but after Weingarten has posted details of Xbox One games on the online world, and have just six hours to get his message through Xbox Live that he will be banned. And a video blog about Xbox One that Weingarten has posted on YouTube all

case of special interest. Because according to Microsoft’s infringement of the customer due to Mr. Weingarten did not sign an agreement prohibiting disclosure or Non-disclosure Agreement with Microsoft, like other players to have a test, however, Mr. Weingarten has been contacted by the guru’s flat on his Xbox. The flat is just temporary. And when to sell it. He will return to play again

Meanwhile, Mr. Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment has released a said he would not ban someone who has PlayStation 4 to play. before launch day absolutely true

Source – Kotaku



                     Xbox One, Microsoft, Sony, PS4


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