Amazon to update Kindle Paperwhite version 5.3.9 Cheque for one.

two days earlier. Amazon released the updated version 5.3.9 Cheque out for Paperwhite (2012) wrote the following three improvements

  • a closed position in the book
  • improve the reading PDF
  • improve the meaning of synonyms in Chinese and Japanese

description and illustration brakes behind me

a closed position in the book
In reading mode. At the bottom of the screen will display the remaining time reading about in a book or a location where it can not hide these messages. Some people may not like this feature because it makes it easy to get distracted from reading. This can hide these messages distract me

the update, users can press the lower left corner to toggle between The time required to read the end of this ->. At the end of the book ->. Position Books ->. messages below

improve reading. PDF
Improve the reading PDF provides a stable and efficient

when tested with a test file used PDF features PDF to read the review Kindle Paperwhite and Rights Journal, Vol. 139, and the book “Thinking in Java” 4th edition in which the article should not be read to finish the book. When the reading is less than twenty-three pages. Low memory warnings will have to shut it out

but after the update. It can flip each book at least six continuous pages. Without encountering any problems

improve the meaning of synonyms in Chinese and Japanese
Support a finding synonyms in Chinese and Japanese. Can move to the other. Now in windows terms

the update is 163MB which can be downloaded and installed via OTA or if you do not want to wait to download updater from the site and install it yourself. Which is the firmware version of the Paperwhite version (2012) can be used to update the update to 5.3.9 Cheque immediately cross it

Source: Amazon



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