Airlines in the United States. The canceled orders covered devices during takeoff and down.




The Federal of Aviation Administration (FAA), or regulatory agency of the U.S. aviation industry. Has announced that passengers traveling by air. No need to turn off the device on the aircraft during the flight. E-Book reading and playing video games. Or watch a movie of their own equipment out of doors up from the airport. To the door of the airport terminal (gate to gate) by the airline will have to get permission from the FAA before


Airlines American Airlines, Delta and JetBlue have permission from the FAA, and was told that the passenger. No need to turn off these devices on the flight of the airline anymore. Cause the FAA to allow the airline to offer. Because these carriers. These devices must be able to confirm that this will not affect aircraft communications, practical tools


. Passengers will still be able to call – the mobile phone itself. The duration of the flight. Because of state regulations that have not been set by the FAA in the first

Source – Cnet , . USA Today



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