Open Sony Reader e-pad screen 13.3 “starting at 100,000 yen.





If you remember earlier been picked Sony Reader e-pad screen size is 13.3 “with a pen to see. But that does not tell the price and on sale now, with more to me

summary, although Sony did not know what to call this device. But it sold out on December 3, with a launch price of 100,000 yen (about 32,000 baht)

outstanding features. This reader’s e-pad screen size is 13.3 “1600×1200 pixel resolution, but some are just big enough for A4 paper, 6.8 mm and only 358 grams, the lightest touch screen compatible with the induction system. with the stylus that comes with it. Can be written like real paper. With a rough surface. Platen and the film did not make the pen fly from the screen

with this price. I guess that you do not have this machine that targets students estimated earlier. But a business that requires a lot of paperwork during the meeting. To note and interest over

Sony also revealed the launch and distribution solutions for the document to an e-reader with bookmarks to upload documents to the server. And distributed to the wireless reader supports PDF only

Source – Sony Japan



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