Game on test performance compared to Windows, then Ubuntu.

since Steam support Linux on Linux is the future of gaming looks bright to me. And are compared with Windows, which is popular in the game come together. Recent test results of Phoronix that the base operating system on Linux. Ubuntu is very effective in making the game more and more closer to Windows 8.1, and

test team compared between Ubuntu 13.04 and Windows 8.1 by Intel Haswell CPU and video card both AMD and NVIDIA are the test results with the benchmark two systems are quite similar. And an alternate winner in a number of tests. When tested with the game Team Fortress 2 is quite similar to the out

effect is to say that the future of gaming on Linux is much better. If Windows is inferior even to get more attention. And is tailored for use with Linux is better. It is a great opportunity for me as a game platform

Source – Phoronix



                     Ubuntu, Windows 8.1, Games, Benchmark


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