Windows Azure is a hard drive to upload data through the mail.

we see the Amazon (followed by Google ) to send the hard drive to transfer data into the cloud services now. This time, to my queue Microsoft

of this service named Microsoft’s Windows Azure Import / Export Service In principle it is no different from many competitors. That is a hard drive to the data center of Microsoft. The Microsoft Windows Azure Storage will take the information into account, we provide the extra bit is that we can encrypt data with BitLocker hard drive before sending it. (Prevent hard drive gets stolen or lost in transit, and data missing), then decode the destination back to Microsoft to get into it

now Microsoft only HDD 3.5 “SATA II hard drive capacity up to 4TB (sent several pieces) and must be formatted as NTFS, service delivery, and FedEx also supports only limited to the U.S. only. The cost is $ 40 per disk 1 and no charge for sending hard back

Source – Windows Azure Blog



                     Windows Azure, Microsoft, Harddisk


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