IHS iSuppli estimates iPad Air cost is approximately eight thousand, was the original version as well.

is customary for Apple to sell the place to be dismembered for production costs. And now a new version of the tablet, the iPad Air will be assessed the cost of which was completed by IHS Suppli

started at a total cost estimate of the total cost in the iPad Air 274 dollars (about 8,500) in the cheapest and most expensive models 361 coins. Compared with the previous version, and then to 42 dollars cheaper than the iPad Air together

most expensive parts of the screen, the iPad Air still costs 90 coins (produced by LG and Samsung) and a touch screen controller for 43 dollars, and each comes with a Qualcomm chip modem LTE. The cost is 32 dollars for A7 chip that cost 18 dollars, which was down from the previous version as well

in sheep was also a significant change from earlier versions of the screen by the screen of the iPad Air from 2.23 mm to 1.8 mm thinner because Apple reduced by reducing the thickness of the screen. glass layer into one layer. Including reducing the number of LED modules from previous versions, only 84 of the 36 characters in the iPad Air, which estimated that the new module, LED module light for less than Apple also added distribution and film for solar modules of a better one

Source – AllThingsD



                     IHS iSuppli, iPad Air, Apple


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