His history book review Amazon Jeff Bezos on Amazon web page and rate 1 star.





story there. History books and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos built the company just released a few days ago. This book is called The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon and of course that can be ordered from Amazon follow the link above

this book in Amazon’s system is open to anyone to comment or review a book. They are both like and dislike. But the news is not uncommon to have a wife, MacKenzie Bezos Jeff Bezos (who had a career as a writer) Entries with a plus rating 1 star only

Entries of MacKenzie that she wanted to like this book. But do not because the information in the book is distorted by the fact that many such books, reading novels named Jeff Remains of the Day by the company and was inspired to open his own company. But in fact, after reading this book, Jeff started a company to a full year

the author is Brad Stone (the magazine’s writers. Businessweek) has issued a response that he practiced journalism for 20 years, writing many books, but never has anyone to criticize him in this way before

in writing this book. He sought information by interviewing more than 300 people associated with the Amazon affiliate and current employees, former employees, competitors, customers, etc., so he thought he worked hard to find. But if there are some facts that I know Jeff and MacKenzie are only two people and wanted to help him fix it – Businessweek

banks of the Amazon also released a short statement. Brad Stone, the company facilitates interviews with executives of several companies that Brad did not take this opportunity to check the information he has. And he did not reveal much information about Amazon’s nothing to write about in some book. The company had no opportunity to examine the information in the book is how


Brad Stone replies that he check with sources thoroughly, but Amazon would not allow him to talk to the right of Jeff Bezos – Business Insider

Shel Kaphan

comments mediator is a former employee of the Amazon (which entitles the company during the first 5 years) came to review the book 4/5 stars by saying that I do not think he will review it. But when I saw the negative reviews, including a review of the past MacKenzie other employees. I want to review it. He commented that Brad Stone’s information is correct and accurate with what he saw. Despite some data distortion to some extent, but only in small spots – AllThingsD

‘s Jeff Bezos to overcome the inertia of the moving on

Source – CNET



                     Jeff Bezos, Amazon


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