Eric Schmidt’s mission official visit to Thailand.

after Eric Schmidt’s visit to Thailand yesterday. In the morning, organized by Voice TV a number of opportunities for students to participate in the conversation with Eric Schmidt. Thailand in the eyes of the internet, which as Eric Schmidt Eric Schmidt concluded that Thailand would give young people learn foreign languages ​​from dialects, especially in English and Chinese, which have played an important role in today’s world. And emphasized that the government must encourage everyone to have Internet access

In the afternoon the

Eric Schmidt joined Google Big Tent Thailand 2013 Thailand hosted by Google, Eric Schmidt has said multiple times. Thailand needs to prepare both the ecosystem and the Internet than this. Development of IT education. Coupled with the need to have policies that are supported by the government

There are also issues that Google decided to Thailand soon. Mainly because of the political problems in the country. And the way Google postponed the launch in Thailand. However, Eric Schmidt also said that the country’s political development among countries. Leave a Thailand government has accelerated the development of 4G technologies to expand opportunities in various fields. Thailand 3G technology because it delays the development had enough

Eric Schmidt also said the media in the world to begin the transition. Because newspapers and television media in the United States began to experience problems with the top down. The new generation of online media more popular. And emphasized that Smart TV will play a greater role in the next generation

Source – Voice TV , Rath online 1 , 2 , 3



                     Eric Schmidt, Google, Thailand


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