Internal documents reveal. Microsoft’s marketing budget. Peak pressure tablet windows 16 million.

Paul Thurrott Post columnist celebrated the IT News Microsoft. Internal documents reveal that Microsoft plans to market Windows tablet later this year

  • Microsoft will commit $ 405 million marketing budget to promote the sale, the Windows consumer market. The consolidated budget increased from $ 241 million the year before the money will be used both for advertising and promotion, and
  • goal of Microsoft is selling Windows tablets to 16 million units this year, pushing the current touch screen devices to popularize. And improve the user experience, Windows 8.1 stores the better
  • Windows brand image in the eyes of the consumer is used to purchase equipment (functional) and Microsoft want the image to focus on “innovation” (innovative) and “inspired” (aspirational) holds by Brand Windows. 8.1 is the future of Windows
  • in some developed countries. Customers who bought Windows PCs, touch screen would have to buy a $ 25 gift card in Windows / Windows Phone / Xbox Store by this campaign will start between Dec 15 to Dec 28 this

Source – Winsupersite



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