Olympus Stylus 1 launched a high-end compact camera in the OM-D.





seems the retro design of the Olympus camera will perform better than less. Because the design of the camera has spread to the same company that recently launched a new content pack Stylus 1 camera at the end close to the OM-D

Stylus 1 In addition to using a design similar to the material used on the OM-D with magnesium alloy body is luxurious. Sensor size 1/1.7 “13 megapixel resolution, but the highlight of this camera is the long zoom lens 28-300 mm f/2.8 constant aperture and put the extended zoom range and a 1.7. times the length of a 510 mm lens as well (you have to buy separately) to the camera’s size. But heavy enough that 402 grams (including battery)

specification Stylus 1 other touch screen on the back is a 3 “flip the electric viewfinder magnification 1.15x 1.44 mega pixel resolution with built-in ND filters, and supports Wi-Fi. control ring around the lens. Stylus RAW processing software side can be integrated with!

the camera will start selling this month. Open up the 699 dollars (about 22,000) garden accessories that are not price it out

Source – dpreview



                     Camera, Olympus


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