Mozilla Launches Locate Location Services available to the public.

search – location coordinates of mobile devices in addition to the GPS position directly to the analysis of Wi-Fi access point, base station of the mobile. Or IP. The search provider coordinates Microsoft or Google will store this information in order to coordinate the detection time

although currently this service (such as Google Location Services) can use it for free. But there is nothing to guarantee that in the future it will be able to use it for free anyway. Because all carriers are the company’s profits were together

Mozilla camp as a non-profit organization made the Mozilla Location Services as a service, but the same guarantee. It is a public service that everyone can use it forever. (The same way. OpenStreetMap. The online map)

preliminary data of Mozilla Location Services also less ( map ), but Mozilla is inviting people to share together. Wi-Fi access point information is added to a strong database user can install Android apps MozStumbler to scan for. Wi-Fi around and sent back to the Mozilla

I try

MozStumbler I found that it works well. Who want to help Mozilla Location Services with information overload in Thailand though. And confidence in data coordinates for Mozilla (which look great on the protection of personal data), it may be downloaded. (Must install the APK Outside Play Store) to submit data back to play it. (See how long remains to be Mozilla Location Services can replace much commercially available)

Source – Mozilla Services



                     Location-Based Service, Mozilla


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