Last quarter Apple: iPhone 33.8 million units, a new product next year, the opportunity cost of 900 million dollars in free software.

Apple reported earnings for the fourth quarter of the financial year, the Company had total revenue of $ 37.5 billion, net income of $ 7.5 billion, while the the same quarter in the previous year the total to 36 billion dollars. And net earnings of $ 8.2 billion. The profit margin is 37%, down from last year’s 40% and 60% of sales outside the U.S.

for products that iPhone sales of 33.8 million units sold a year by year record high of 26.9 million units sold, the iPad sold 14.1 million units, up slightly from the previous year to 14 million units for the Mac. has decreased from 4.6 million to 4.9 million years ago

Apple also announced a dividend to shareholders of $ 3.05 per share for the quarter, CEO Tim Cook said this quarter continues to create magic again with record sales of Apple iPhone 34 million and was ready to. holiday season with a variety of new products

for the content Announces Results for the following interesting

* iPhone also grow well in Latin America, Russia and the Middle East
* IPad thrive in Japan, Russia and the Middle East
* Total PC sales decline. But the Mac’s market share rose
* MacBook Air sales also grew market garden
* Average sales of retailers in 10.9 million per branch decreased from 11.2 million in the prior year
* Cash and cash equivalents at 146.8 billion dollars, but 75% outside the U.S.
Proceeds from this event will be used to invest in America. But returned to shareholders every quarter instead
* Net income fell from a greater variety of products. As well as the distribution of free software
* Apple will lose the opportunity to sell on iOS and Mac software to convert to free about $ 900 million
* People read rumors that iPhone 5c is much cheaper than the iPhone 4S because Apple do this
* Apple is likely to launch a new product next year. The Company and the hardware, software and services
* Tim Cook believes that the launch of the iPad mini and iPad Air retina display will make this a Christmas shopping season of the iPad
* Education market is growing well regarded by Tim Cook, PC, Mac or iPad sold more than the Chromebook is a little

Source: Apple and Business Insider



                     Apple, Financial Report


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