Blognone Quest for High Scalabilty Computing: Welcome to Thailand to large web well.




on the early months of the discussion that has not been announced Blognone external By inviting participants are representative of a large number of webmasters like, Kapook, MThai, Rath, Thaitrend,, and all have discussed the problems experienced. Ever found that making the web more and more. Have had to do. Experience and how to fix it and then some

is your first Cherdsak luck and Chai Senior Vice President of Network Operations of web theme. Have described the process of adaptation of the web in each level is a level 7 from the series focused on the web-only feature. Chase to a level no one could be seen on the same level as we know it. This experience shows that we can pass on to various levels of complexity we find in the end that the system can be effectively extended. But in the end, the web continues to grow at a high speed. We will encounter the need to create new knowledge on their own problems, such as energy, the use of a number of countries requires the CDN, to workflow and process management, people management

dome grow your rank to the process described by webmasters TVPool Kapook and described the experience as a technology of choice by Rackspace key element of the technology is a “put on”, he described the use of PHP that works great. The memory may be a bit high. And select the virtual machine with OpenVZ, but also to find new approaches, such as Lua and Nginx on docker instead turned to the virtual machine and then run through a single port

side came MThai described the development of applications with the heaviest load that is “lotto” (check online lottery) of MThai TotalCache using WordPress and never used before, but need to develop their own plug-ins. the need to build up a static file and update it when the file is static again MThai a different approach from the other service. To develop your own apps length


site online by Siri Chai with Muta manager came and spoke to the research and development of applications to find the length. The main problem is the database. Terms of tried to mess with the code base minimum. Many times, it is not a problem because the problem is the application of external loads that do not test on a heavy load

next service is a service that we could not use the “Web” because it is directly Thaitrend by the chain go wrong I hope that the people of Thailand, many tweets each day since 2010, the loading of Thaitrend Unlike loads of other web. It is now “write” the heaviest load was 20,000 tweets per minute, approximately four million tweets per day. B value of approximately 1 GB per day from a total of about two million people. Elasticsearch. Looking processing Elasticsearch. Important advantages such as sharding or scale cluster system are made automatically at


please go to the web experience tells ever spike to 30 times the normal load to shopping cart and membership management system crashes. This process is still going up. When a new item promotions. And television made out of heavy load. Caching in these processes can not be performed because the system is charged. The plan was to use GlusterFS file system to store the next MariaDB database

Somsak. Sri pedigree of its currency to help INOX administrator by his experience scaling problem is usually a combination of problems such as Pantip have had full bandwidth before to find the problem. To the problem of load imbalance between them. The load is not evenly distributed

you FordAntitrust. Mentioned in the care of a subscription to the service to the country. (Name not disclosed), the uniqueness of this experience is now available on all clouds. And heavy loads until you get to a particular case. Cloud services make the user experience a relatively high latency of the connection threads to wait longer than usual. Using cloud-based services with such restriction. Care system providers. To a specification that can not be assigned as needed. And control of the network is not. May be connected to each machine is not required. Rebuilt the machine may be latency between machines may be too high. The services on the cloud is a key advantage is to scaling the system flexibility. Unpredictable load is almost impossible to buy a server, the specification needs to be prepared in advance. Cloud service providers can extend the service on a machine that may have some limitations. But also extends to the

in the presentation of your javaboom mention the development of the infrastructure that we estimate to be estimated, however. And Khun Pong. Mention the total collapse of the layers. Web service access platform is thinner. And the development process as a native language by using the language vala and C language to speed up the system as possible as dozens of regular systems we use are

In the future we will find a topic and discuss it in the future

entire video can be found at YouTube: Blognone Quest – High Scalability .





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