9 complete communication system. Door key to the success of TOT.

communication technology within the organization and outside the organization to communicate. The role and importance to all sectors highly Administrator or the IT organization than to fix the device the device software or applications in support of business and still need to develop a communication system of the organization to keep pace with modern technology, wireless. limit as well. TOT has seen a complete communications system that not only focuses on efficiency only. But also to consider the appropriateness of the choice and value to the organization with the highest TOT was organized to develop high performance communication services. And be allocated to meet the needs of each business. Which even the owners themselves. It can be considered. What are the requirements for communication systems to develop their own business. The business is divided into 12 groups as follows:

Choose the type of business communication system for your organization Checklist

Video: 12 Solutions

TOT has developed strong and effective communication services for these businesses to infrastructure services and solutions and business connections, together with value to the organization, including


connection and check – in both the branch and corporate headquarters

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is a new protocol that allows routers to switch transmission paths determined quickly. Solutions and services to the TOT MPLS VPN supports both point-to-point (Point to Point) and connectivity in a multi-point connection. Branches can contact each other directly or hub-and-spoke: all fields consecutively through headquarters security equivalent to FR / ATM-based VPNs without Data encryption support Multiservice can set QoS (Quality of Service) has. maximum connection speed 1 Gbps


Access VPN and Intranet applications anywhere, anytime

a service over the Internet VPN with IPSec encryption enables organizations to securely access services from an Internet connection. Supports VPN in both Wireline and Wireless support for both installed on the device (Network Extension Mode and Client Mode) support applications in the field of personal and Cool


link wireless convenience and safety

is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) using TOT3G network and can connect to TOT MPLS network can serve as a monthly. (The speed of the application), and the amount of data sent in each gradient change (per group per SIM or SIM) and support the use of both forms is the main circuit. Or full backup. With such capabilities. Making it easy and economical to install the service line


manage Internet. Performance

response management organizations use the Internet effectively. In response, the use of the Internet terminal. Both wired (Ethernet) and wireless (Wi-Fi) using TOT eco-leased line internet signal quality and high speed. Mac Address automatic registration with only the first one. Do not have a Login page for instant connection. The traffic computer-based data acquisition system. ACT. Computing. And database administrators who use the center of the Internet


broadband. Fiber optic network

broadband fiber optic network cable or FTTx offering speeds of up to 200 Mbps with its outstanding speed stability, both sides can get – a news, information and entertainment. Your internet download and upload data. Large image files. TV via Video Conference meeting at the same flow to meet all needs, without limits. Suitable for use in both residential condominiums, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, government agencies and private business owners, SMEs, etc.


flexible place to work. Worth

the form of new communication technologies that bring voice communications (Voice Communication) on the basis of traditional phone systems together with data communications (Data. Communication), using Internet protocol used on the Internet or Intranet with the flexibility to move / add / change location services while the cost of the service over the phone system the same format as welding equipment, PBX and IP. PABX, SIPServer, Call Manager exchanges with SoftSwitch using SIP Protocol to communicate between the IP network and offers the same service, ISDN-PRI


professional team. And service

Services Outsourcing Contact Center Solution is comprised of two service

  • Smart Call: is the ideal solution for businesses and government agencies by TOT Consulting designed and installed systems and equipment with the professional team and Call Center Management Call. Center before and after sales service, training and development to support Call Center personnel at each level of the professional team
  • Friendly Call: is a solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that want convenience and savings with Call Center systems, including serving as team orders, sales and information services. Inbound and outbound of your customers 24 hours a day by not having to invest PABX systems and application software or with a Solution that is right for your business


link all the success. For your business

TOT commitment to developing international data communications services. Emphasis – Transfer of information between the companies in its field in the country. The Internet to connect and exchange information between countries. From Thailand to the world of the Internet data center (Internet Hub) TOT commitment and attention to improving the quality of services. The team of the network operations center (Network Operation Center: NOC) that serves to manage, monitor and maintain the network lifecycle services. To fix the faults. So that customers can access the current 24 hours overtime can provide data communication between the three countries have the following format:

  1. Gateway to International TOT set point (Point of Presence: PoP) in many countries and cooperating with partners leading telecommunications provider in the country. Get support – send data to different regions around the world. Make sure that customers receive the highest quality service. Customers can choose from a variety of formats as appropriate. Feature. International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC), Services International IP-VPN, International Ethernet Service and International Internet Gateway (IIG)
  2. Connect to Indochina TOT is ready to provide full connectivity in Indochina region has network connectivity with telecom service providers to various countries in the Indochina region effectively. performance
  3. International Connectivity TOT international submarine cable project SJC (Southeast Asia – Japan Cable) route Singapore – Hong Kong – Japan submarine cable system which is efficient and technologically most advanced systems in the world. To use for communication and Internet connectivity in Asia. Including the communication to the United States and other continents to accommodate customers who want a connection between large (Huge Bandwidth Connectivity) to receive – send large amounts of data (Mass Traffic Demand) and want a quick check -. maximum (Submarine Shortest Path)


needs to create jobs. For the Lord your Without restrictions

needs in building systems and applications for your organization are limitless. Whether a Co-Location, Web Hosting or VPS can also be integrated with other services of TOT as your needs such as TOT Netlog, TOT Leased Line Internet or TOT MPLS, etc.

apart from the quality of the equipment, machines used are of good quality. High performance. Value to select services reliability is a measure of leadership. Administrators communicate all of this great enterprise TOT has shown strong potential in the services provided. Its superb technology which is prepared to answer all the needs of all industries seamlessly. Almost no question that Why major in business or industry. Choose from TOT



                     Advertorial, TOT


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