The test point. The touch screen of the iPhone 5s 5c and less accurate than the Galaxy S III.

OptoFidelity of tests with the use of robotic fingers dip down on the touch screen in a particular position. Then be compared to that reported from the device. In the accuracy of one millimeter. The results of this test. We know the accuracy of the screen that much

by the screen of the iPhone 5s 5c and the accuracy is just below the Galaxy S III is only as good as all the parts of the screen. Except the very edges. Compared with the precision of a keyboard is the same answer. QWERTY keyboard of the iPhone in the top row is a rare press Q, O, and P, the Galaxy S3, it can precisely all. Just edges it. Not only the precise Watch us on the news after

Source: GSMArena

green means one millimeter accuracy. Red means a deviation of more than one millimeter

keyboard iPhone

keyboard of the iPhone

keyboard Galaxy S III

keyboard Galaxy S III

OptoFidelity machine to test

The tested OptoFidelity



                     Apple, Galaxy S III, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, Samsung


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