Hard disk crash unexpectedly. Hades daughter made a dramatic finale on Channel 7 with CGI.





last night (27 October 2556), daughter drama Hades. Army TV Channel 7, the finale of the series have aired. And audiences have found a mistake in the scene, a visual effects (CGI) in several scenes, no special characters, such as a sword of light. No power light on the scene. Some scenes are set against the black canvas top

you Chitrada. The management of the company’s Universe LA. Manufacturers play such post to clarify technical issues that arise in Instagram to do that. CGI scenes in the finale, the production has been completed. But there was a problem importing photos from a hard disk to tape to a television station by 8:00 am on the 27th day of hard to have a loud and off. When backing up to hard drive takes about 8 hours, which may never aired. The tape has not only some CGI. The rest do not have to send the CGI to broadcast instead


daughter is a drama that aired on Friday night – Saturday – Sunday on Channel 7 featuring Oldest Vaidya Wgskr Arts and Architecture Pr Tiamat Korn featuring a fight between a group of hunting paradise right

Source: Sanook! News



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