The road to the stars is a long rigged Amazon Publishing announced his resignation.

After trying molested

Amazon Publishing are more than two years. But probably not the last of the stars of the Vice President, Mr. Kirshbaum Amazon Publishing announced his resignation, effective on January 17 next year

Mr. Kirshbaum

age 67 have experienced in the history of the publication. Worked at Random House, and was located at (Time) Warner and 30-year position as CEO of the Time Warner Book Group until his retirement in 2005, after retirement from the company, a literary agent or agency (Literary Agency) at LJK Literary name before Amazon will take care of Amazon Publishing in 2011


Amazon Publishing growth with increasing sub Publisher (imprint) to cover an important audience, but it’s also never been to the Amazon Publishing books is a bestseller in The New York Times Best Seller. includes not announced any success

the cause may be from the deep cracks of all major publishers and includes book retailers. TARDIS makes Amazon the book is difficult, and even if the magnetic those retailers not selling books on Amazon with. The Best Seller, then the road to still dimly enough

Source: GeekWire , The New York Times



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