reCAPTCHA new adaptive algorithm. Easier to read for people. Read more difficult for bots.

many people around here are familiar with the reCAPTCHA validation service to humanity through twisting and contorting to read the letter that Google bought many years ago and still “know” about the difficulty of it as well.


reCAPTCHA team to ensure that information technology makes the AI ​​bots and more like the reCAPTCHA code more difficult to build. The problem is that the man himself was illegible. The research team had to find solutions that better

reCAPTCHA is a solution of the two-layer authentication. The first floor will be used in the risk assessment (risk analysis) considered that the user is a human or a robot. If the user is expected. I will post the code that is not very difficult. (Letters or numbers are not distorted and garbled see illustration) to respond, but if the robot is expected to be a more difficult proposition. The result is the complete code easier and better to filter bots in one


not reveal details that distinguish people with the bots do. Have to wait and see what the long-term controlled bots will have to drill a new system of reCAPTCHA or not

Source – Google Online Security Blog .



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