Microsoft earnings growth in recent quarters continues to make new highs.

Microsoft reported earnings for the first quarter of its financial year ending September 2013, total revenue was $ 18.53 billion, up 16% compared to the same quarter last year. And a net profit of 5.24 billion. Which is a new record high this quarter. Advance sales numbers of Windows 8.1 in the previous quarter to $ 113 million

CFO Amy Hood said the company continues to grow its already strong customer organization. And see good growth throughout the group’s consumer division CEO Steve Ballmer said that the company’s current good acceptance among customers of new products, the Xbox One, Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 and Windows 8.1 and goods. Group Windows Phone

more interesting numbers are:

  • Windows OEM sales decreased by 7%, while sales growth Windows Pro 2 consecutive quarters
  • Surface sales total $ 400 million and the number of machines sold over two times compared to the previous quarter
  • search advertising grew 47% and revenue ratio was higher for the search
  • SQL Server Premium grew more than 30%
  • cloud services grew 103%

Source: Microsoft



                     Microsoft, Financial Report


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