Apple updated its own software through Mac App Store to everyone, even people who pirated.

after Apple announced the new iWork software suite also choose to change the way they update their own apps to do all kinds all over the Mac App Store, users will not even have to download these via Mac App Store or by web MacTrast to say that OS X Mavericks to make sure that what the user has installed applications on your computer already. If it is already installed. From now on, updates will be made only through the Mac App Store

the Mac App Store, these apps will be tied to your Apple ID account name that user immediately. This means that the app is installed on the machine, such as iWork and Aperture, even if those users will get it the wrong way. (Such as piracy), Apple will register these apps bound to a Mac App Store Apple ID for that user anyway. And will be updated to the latest version does not vary with the users to download through the Mac App Store, but these first

MacTrast says that his sources at Apple. Apple has never held that the infringement of Apple’s own software that is important. Because they believed that the use of Apple products is honest then

Source – MacRumors



                     Mavericks, Apple, OS X, Mac App Store


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