YouTube for Android will soon play even activate other apps or turn off the screen.

1 of the features that Google is calling on YouTube to improve is to play one of the songs while enabling other applications. Even off screen, YouTube for Android will soon be featured at this

YouTube is for someone to find a source of music in my music video of the song, as well as Thailand and international artists is not difficult. Where to watch free music free. (Not the internet), but it is not YouTube app to use as a music player with ease. Because when you open other apps or the screen goes off, it will play YouTube videos. Repeatedly to turn on a new look. I need to start playing from the beginning again. YouTube for Android, but soon it will be fixed

APK files from the YouTube version 5.2.27 that the code is said to feature in the video playback applications running in the background. This means that YouTube will stream video files and play them continuously, even when the user opens other apps or turn off the screen somehow. Screen user interface and a new version of YouTube has also confirmed this feature as well

I end up with another feature that has been added to the code, but it is not enabled in the YouTube version 5.2.27 is to manage files offline. It is very interesting that YouTube will be allowed to download the file to play offline or not


expected to be released update version 2.5.27 on Google Play during November. But for those who want to try impatient. You can download the APK files to install itself from here

Source – Android Police , Phandroid



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