[IGF2013] New gTLD domain current status, lessons learned, and next steps.

IGF2013 in this third feature of interest is Talking about the new top-level domain, or gTLD to open. As we’ve heard. “Com” or even “. Thai” well before this. Today, the process continues to move forward to the ICANN held a seminar room. ICANN officials then invited the government representatives (GAC) is independent of Microsoft. And regional representatives to discuss the current gTLD process and what I have learned together and then

Arkam Atallah chief technical community ICANN


  • now signed more than 60 contracts with gTLD application has stopped due to a number of proposals of GAC issues and other complaints
  • contract signed already. Going into the test. predelegation
  • tested successfully. Will enter the verification requirements of the IANA, then bring gTLD these into the root DNS
  • on to the root DNS providers are starting to get registered. Into the open sunrise trademarks holdings before the 60 days
  • two questions that will be around when – that is not faster than a few years after the first round ended. But now it’s starting to get pressure from the company to miss the first round. To turn around the second

Heather Dryden of the Ministry of Industry Canada, president GAC

  • many governments worry about the name of one of the GAC is to request the number of domain names
  • ICANN should first classification of the domain. To create rules for each category
  • the early warning alert to the application of the new TLD names to 242 of whom 129 are from Australia
  • If this does not solve the problem, since the GAC early warning of an objection to the GAC objection
  • a whole lot through the process, then request it. Process, and hope for the future. It has been updated to provide better
  • the objection to the issue of religion and politics in the region. Some domain to which the industry is regulated like a bank. The group issued consumer protection

Paul Mitchell, general manager of technology policy. Microsoft

  • with many agencies. No agency plan for the gTLD in the first
  • analysis that what may pass into a gTLD does and will affect how the brand of Microsoft
  • Microsoft has a number of brands. Some brands such as General Office finally decided to send the request to 11 under four brand names
  • engineers are now preparing for the delegate to come
  • domain creation process really. Will be after this. Microsoft to release the domain that Microsoft acquired these for anything
  • to receive a registration (registrar) and fixed soon
  • Microsoft need to communicate the meaning of a domain much. microsoft or microsoft.com. The obvious example. Xbox has its own unique community
  • agreed to open the second round. But that should wait at least four years. To make several versions of the browser, as well as many other issues. It passed
  • surprise them with a request for a gTLD IDN (domains other language), less than expected. Because this is the first time opened up

Janis Karklins of UNESCO

  • ICANN IDN TLD taking the lessons learned from the support IDN ccTLD
  • with the billions of people in the world. A look at the Latin Europeans look like Chinese
  • UNESCO analyze the lessons learned from the IDN ccTLD in this year analyzed with Verisign (initial reveal at this event tomorrow
  • analysis found that there are two separate groups. One group is the enterprise. Both are listed. Some countries that are open to registered on the registration number as soon as Russia agree to take another group of hard. And a limited number of registered
  • public awareness of the issue is that the registration is limited. Today, the number of registered names IDN only 2%
  • Another problem is the user experience. A prime example is an email that is not common. Email server supports IDN may be forwarded to the email server does not support IDN not the destination anyway
  • browser does not support as many IDN

Tijani Ben Jemaa internet Mediterranean Association of Confederation

  • the request is very expensive. Developing countries can not join
  • no promotion in developing countries. People do not know
  • ICANN $ 2 million fund to help developing countries fund returned 14 leaves, but if the condition is not met by the Fund. Can not be applied to normal again
  • request leaves only 1% in 1930 and 25.1% from Africa from Africa fund is used to support a single application
  • Fund to fund new conditions should be working as planned. And announced in a poor country than this
  • Reply

  • Akram not promote issues that ICANN plans to promote projects. Request came from all over the world. The best advertising is the success of this round. When opening a new domain. The following people are realizing the importance of gTLD
  • Tijani confirmed that the communication of ICANN is still limited in the northern hemisphere only. Makes a lot of opportunity. And if it works really well. I would not waste the funds to 13 requests for free



                     IGF2013, ICANN


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