Chop-Syc-tech cutting board and touch screen. There is a built-in browser.





modern tablet first launched. People have this wheel device that looks like a butcher. But this does not have wheels again. Because Sharp recently unveiled Chop-Syc, or the butcher comes with touch screen and built-in

Chop-Syc comes with a large touch screen. Built In addition, the screen is a piece of wood. And start chopping. The butcher will open on the screen. Background to become one with the machine as well

goal of this is to use the high-tech cutting boards make cooking easier. And the throttling range. With the size of the raw material to the screen. And also weigh the ingredients as well. For those who are not sure if it was this formula. I can connect to the internet through the recipes in the browser

Chop-Syc tray comes with a wireless charger. I worry about rigging it to charge to it

The Chop-Syc

Siobhán Andrews was designed by the winner of the project. GetItDownOnPaper. Sharp to submit ideas to the internship for two months until the release of a product. But no details on how sharp you are going to butcher this tech to make products for sale or not

Source – C |. NET


unfortunately not running Android. I would not go to Apple butcher by



                     Gadget, Sharp


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