Project Shield: new project from Google help site disaster against Internet attacks.




Google created a new project name. Project Shield (the same name of the NVIDIA portable game player, but no relation whatsoever) is aimed at helping websites. Part of the web due to attacks DDoS

Internet attacks DDoS as a way to attack the target system at the computer or on the internet. With the aim to make the target system can not provide the service. The attacks will occur simultaneously. From multiple computers. This website does not have a good enough deal, it will fall out easily. When attacked in this manner

Project Shield of Google

project to help website owners can save themselves from such problems by using Google’s infrastructure to build and deliver content to provide continuity. This project was inspired by the political movement of the people in the Middle East. The threat and limited rights in data presentation and commented heavily

this project is still in the beta stage. Those interested are required to register to obtain an invitation from Google, you can fill out to register a here

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