Google and the University of Washington launched uProxy shared across the internet world.

Google launched uProxy proxy for internet sharing with a friend for access to the Internet safely. Brave New Software and a joint project with the University of Washington. Itself an extension of the browser to enable Internet sharing. And open to the other person. Able to find and use the Internet via a browser, we have

as an extension of the browser uProxy be easier to use the VPN server in the case of a sensor or monitoring the use of the infringement. We can find a trusted friend in that respect privacy to the Internet through a friend’s. Next to the open air at home and use the internet at home through a browser for security in the event of an unencrypted Wi-Fi

for people who already have knowledge of high technology. Can connect through SSH Tunnel is a constant uProxy useless player. It is about the benefits of technology to reach people easily. People come to work

the project is not open to general use. This must also apply to use by those with technical knowledge only. But the project turned out to support Chrome and Firefox Licensed under Apache License 2.0

Source – uProxy



                     Google, Privacy


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